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custom bedroom with amazing floor carpet and baseboard trim - ADU Construction by top home builders

As a smart homeowner, making the most out of your land is something that you should definitely consider. ADUs are one the best ways to do so. Also known as backyard houses or casita, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have some laws and enforcements to abide by. The state of California has recently changed and enforced the legal framework behind these units. As a professional home remodeling company in San Jose, Top Home Builders Inc. complies with all the laws to give you an ADU that solves your needs and gives you a good investment for the future.

What is an ADU?

If you are a new homeowner/landowner, there may be a question of “what is ADU?”. Well, there is a lot to know.

An ADU is a smaller home built on the same land as a large family home or a community home. While it is built on the same land, it is still a stand-alone unit with an independent bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom. While the most prominent benefit of an an ADU is the amount of real-estate value it adds to your property, there are also other benefits of ADUs that make it a worthwhile investment:

ADU Construction in the basement by top home builders
modern living room with waffle ceiling and build in fireplace - ADU Construction
  • It can be used as a long-term rental unit which can give you returns and a new source of income.
  • It can be used as a guest house for your guests who stay for longer.
  • It can also be used as a vacation unit or a short-term rental unit. You can turn your ADU into a stunning bed and breakfast and enjoy the good returns on investment.
  • You can also turn your ADU into an art studio or a home office which allows you to work peacefully while being within your home.
  • ADUs are also used as senior houses for aging parents and grandparents. They give them the privacy they need along with the care they deserve.
  • Communities and townships use ADUs to offer affordable housing to the members of the community.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Design

At Top Home Builders Inc., we use the most sound process of designing your ADU. We first do the groundwork like taking measurements, understanding your needs and agreeing on the design. Once this is done, we send the Accessory Dwelling Unit design to our factory where it is built. Since the unit is not built on your property, there are no major disruptions caused by installing an ADU. The offsite construction also speeds up the process and ensures that the structure does not get affected by the weather during its construction stage. We also offer you custom floor plans and wall systems so you get the best from your ADU.

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classic family room with crown moudling trim and build in fireplace
ADU Construction of amazing basement family room

ADU Construction FAQs

What is the Accessory Dwelling Unit cost?

In the state of California, the accessory dwelling unit cost ranges from $100 – $300 per square foot.

Are Accessory Dwelling Units in California legal?

Yes, Accessory Dwelling Units in California are legal. There are laws and permits required. At Top Home Builders Inc. we help you understand all the legalities of these units and ensure that the process flows smoothly.