Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t just enhance the look of your home, it also improves its overall value. According to a Zillow Housing Trend Report, homeowners can see a return on investment of up to 71 percent with simple bathroom remodeling alone. But how do you know which bathroom trends will give you the best bang for your buck? Let’s look at the most popular bathroom trends in 2023.

Upgrade Sinks and Faucets

Keeping your hands clean is always important. This starts with a finely designed sink and faucet. This year, the most popular sink and faucet pairings are brushed chrome which gives a timeless appeal to current and future home buyers.

Black or slate-colored faucets have also become very popular as it creates visual impact without exceeding your budget.

Go Organic

Trends are moving away from classic white and porcelain. Instead, homeowners want to enhance the look of their bathroom using earthy, neutral colors and materials.

Bathroom designs are also reflecting a desire to embrace nature with skylights that add natural light and create a feeling of space and openness. Contrast this with earthy colors like greens and blues to add a subtle statement.

Rethink Storage Options

You use your bathroom for many reasons, from getting ready in the morning to applying bandages to any injuries. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of storage options to enhance the functionality of your bathroom while reducing clutter.

This can include a designated dressing area, his or her vanity, custom storage space with shelving, and drawers specifically designed for toiletries and makeup.

Incorporate Modern Accents

Modern style doesn’t have to mean minimalism. Adding modern touches to your bathroom can upgrade the look and energy efficiency of your bathroom.

Install a new shower head to cut down on water usage, or consider glass shower doors to add light and openness.

Smart Technology 

Smart technology makes life easier and is also one of the latest bathroom trends.

From programmable toilets to wall-mounted interfaces that let you know everything from the temperature outside to your schedule for the day, smart technology is a helpful addition to any modern bathroom.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

A bright and spacious bathroom is at the top of any homebuyer’s list. That’s why upgrading your bathroom lighting is an absolute must. This can be easily achieved with pot lights also known as recessed lighting, which allow you to affordably add light to your home in as little as a day.

These can be installed over vanities, in shower/steam showers, and even in storage areas. If you are looking for a more dynamic way to add light, consider a self-lit vanity that can be turned on with a simple touch.

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