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Many homeowners dream of building a custom home. To have the freedom and creativity to design their house to how they always envisioned their living space to be. Custom home building however is known to be costly and time-consuming. You need to search for the builders, obtain permits, hire an architect, and secure land, and the costs just keep adding up. You’re in luck! Top Home Builders changes all of that. By partnering with us, you will have access to unique opportunities to make your ideas come to fruition. You will have complete control over design details and we will have open and honest lines of communication throughout all phases of the project.

Custom Home Building

We have over 12 years of experience in the custom home building industry and have the praise and success stories from our happy homeowners to prove it. Our goal is to build homes designed for you! No two houses are the same, making your home feel as unique and special as the people living in it. We are faster and more efficient than other contractors, and the process will be less stressful too! We work with your budget in mind so you can still benefit from every component of our services without breaking the bank. We want to make homeownership the best experience possible. Let us make your standards of living memorable by giving you all the facilitations needed to upgrade and elevate your humble abode.

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Custom Home Design

Top Home Builders provides beautiful, industry-leading custom home design services to residents throughout the San Jose area. Taking your dream home ideas and turning them into a reality is what we do best, and with years of experience in the custom home design space, we’re well equipped to handle any project that comes our way – regardless of size or complexity.

Our focus is on developing beautiful homes within the budget and time constraints set, and we stop at nothing to ensure that each project is a success.

3D Renderings

To ensure that your home is designed exactly as you had imagined, our team develops realistic views with the help of 3D rendering software. This is an important step in the design process, and we take pride in working alongside customers to guarantee that the custom home design checks off each and every expectation. With 3D software renderings, we’ll be able to review early design models, refine, and develop a completed custom home to ensure that construction efforts are well spent.

3D Rendering of Custom Home by Top Home Builders
Custom Home Designers

In-House Engineers

Designing a custom home with our team means that you’ll have access to a professional in-house engineer team throughout the entire process. They’ll work through your design specifications to ensure that all standards are met, providing support and detailed insights each step of the way. With their expertise at hand, you can rest assured that the custom home you’re developing will be capable of standing the test of time and look fantastic the entire time it does.

Architectural Designs

Top Home Builders utilize top-tier architectural designers to guarantee a truly unique home design. With the help of architectural designs, we’re able to work with you to craft your dream home from scratch, making no tailored designs or developments out of reach.

Custom Home Designers Company
Custom Homes by Top Home Builders

In-House Designers

With the support of our in-house designers, you’ll have access to an entire suite of professional minds focused on developing your dream home. From the beginning ideation process through to the finalized custom home drafts, our design team will work with you to ensure that nothing goes unconsidered. Down to the finest details of both interior and exterior design, our in-house design team is focused on crafting a home that you’ll love from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Design Ideas From Scratch

With the major time and money investments associated with a custom home, you deserve to have a unique design that aligns perfectly with your dreams. Our expert team will work with you to draft and design a custom home that is completely unique. Taking into consideration your specific set of needs and wants, and combining them with years of design experience, we’re confident that you’ll love the home designs we develop.

Blueprint of Custom Home by Top Home Builders
Amazing Custom Home Design Project by Top Home Builders

With years of experience in the custom home design industry, Top Homes Builders is ready to help you craft the home of your dreams. Whether you’re ready to dive into a custom home design project, or you’re simply looking to learn more about the options available, get in contact with our team!

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