Top Home Builders offers custom pool construction services in San Jose, CA. We know just how hot the weather gets here on the West Coast and a swimming pool is the perfect solution for homeowners to enjoy quick and easy access to cool off and combat the humidity. When you choose Top Home Builders’ swimming pool construction services, you are getting a professional team with two decades plus years of experience in the industry in San Jose.

We take pride in our high quality of labor and provide 5-star results in all construction projects. Our dedicated project managers listen attentively to you while working alongside our in-house architects, engineers, and designers to ensure your dream swimming pool is installed. Once your goal is defined, we establish a schedule and budget and make sure to stand by it. Make the most out of your backyard space by contacting Top Home Builders so our swimming pool builders can install a custom pool to ensure your oasis fits in seamlessly with your preferred lifestyle.

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Hassle-Free Pool: San Jose

Top Home Builders provide residents across San Jose with luxury custom pool designs to meet their individual needs. We’re able to offer effective landscape designs because our pool contractors incorporate the environmental factors, the functionality of the space, and the local municipal by-laws. All of doing so while including your personal style and prioritizing your vision is made into reality. There are many factors, variables, and preferences that impact how we construct pools.

Select what type of pool: Inground, above-ground, and infinity edge are the 3 main types of pools. Within these categories, there are also different pool shapes that Top Home Builders in San Jose offers including black bottom pools, geometric pools, freeform pools, and solar pools. Each type of pool is unique with its own benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, inground pools offer various customization options but are more expensive to install. On the other hand, above-ground pools are less costly but are not known for longevity compared to their in-ground counterparts. The newer pool option, infinity edge pools, offer a modern, sleek look, however, they require unique engineering and construction considerations.

Determine the size of the pool: The right balance is to settle on a pool size that is large enough to accommodate your needs, but not so big that it becomes a maintenance nightmare. Consider how you plan to use your pool to identify the ideal size. Longer and narrower pools cater to those looking to swim laps, whereas a broader and shallower pool is perfect for those using the water to relax and sunbathe.

The size of your backyard also plays a role in influencing what size pool you choose. You don’t want the pool to be too small compared to other landscape features or dominate your yard because of its intruding size. Top Home Builders make sure to leave at least 20 feet of open space around your pool for safety and maintenance purposes.


The doozy and function within the landscape: When designing your poolscape, aesthetic appeal and practically each holds significant value. When Top Home Builders builds your swimming pool in San Jose, we remind you to keep in mind the following: shade, privacy, plantings, pool decking, pool lighting, pool heating, and other swimming pool features.

Lucky for you, our qualified landscape designers use the best materials to help you create the perfect poolscape for your needs.

How much does it cost to build a pool in San Jose? 

The price for building an inground pool in San Jose can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $80,000, depending on the size, material, format, and labor for tasks like excavating and wiring. Expect to see costs rise even greater on custom projects that include landscaping and other outdoor living options such as water features and decks. Above-ground pools on the other hand do not require as complicated a process so the rate in San Jose can range between $2,000 and $6,000.

Building a swimming pool is a major investment and an ambitious exterior renovation project as a whole. Thus, setting aside the required financial resources to cover the costs of labor, materials, energy costs, a circulation system, and ongoing maintenance is imperative. There are many ways to finance a pool construction project, and Top Home Builders openly shares the costs involved and is willing to work with you to find out what options are available.

Pool Construction Steps



All our swimming pool construction projects start with a carefully planned design which will include the natural conditions of the property, the existing landscape, and the available space to create an optimal plan of action.



Once completed with the initial design, we present the homeowner with the layout. Here, our team encourages you to voice your opinion and offer commentary so we can prepare an accurate quote based on your feedback. This first step is important for Top Home Builders to build a relationship with the homeowner, and we try to best understand their needs and preferences. Next comes the design process which includes permits and approvals.


Excavation and Plumbing

Are then necessary to prepare the site and ensure water can feasibly operate.


Pool Construction

Once we’ve undergone the steps leading to this point, pool construction is underway.



Throughout the job, a thorough inspection is performed to ensure the pool meets safety standards.


Final Touches

Lastly, the final touches are implemented followed by a full clean-up to leave a ready pool available for you and your family to start enjoying right away.

Our Expertise

San Jose specialized contractors here at Top Home Builders have accomplished professionals with over 15 years of experience in swimming pool construction. Each member is extensively trained and fully licensed to deliver high-quality handiwork in our pool building. By doing so, we can design and build functional pools that will transcend the current makeup of your landscape.

We understand how important attention to detail is in construction, and it is our impeccable accuracy, meticulous thoroughness, and careful planning that ensures every aspect of the pool is optimized while staying true to your vision. We have evolved over the years to match the modern style of the time. The team’s innovative designs incorporate the latest trends and technology to offer swimming pool builds that are topical and desirable. More than anything, customer satisfaction is a leading priority of Top Home Builders.

We value the relationships we have with our clients, and one of the ways we show our gratitude is through the quality of work we provide. When you contact us for swimming pool installation and construction services, you have our full, undivided attention, and the reliability synonymous with being the top home builders in San Jose ensures projects are always delivered on time while remaining within your financial parameters.

Why Choose Us – Top Home Builders

Top Home Builders has put together a team full of qualified and experienced designers, contractors, and managers in San Jose to build the perfect swimming pool for you and your home. We assure you nothing but the best and we hold ourselves accountable by adhering to the very highest quality standards consistent throughout the materials we use, the workmanship of our craft, and the service we provide. We work alongside you to ensure your vision is met, staying within your established budget, and finishing in a timely manner.

Maybe you’re tired of looking at your empty backyard and want to change up the landscape, or maybe you’ve always dreamed of a swimming pool but didn’t know where to start.

In any case, Top Home Builders’ swimming pool construction services are available, and the first meeting is a free consultation with us!

There is no commitment or obligation you are tied to, but rather a complimentary visit and quote with no charge. You can contact us by either sending a message on our website about your pool construction project and one of our representatives will respond promptly, by emailing us at, or by calling 669-282-0906. Whether you’re hoping to cannonball into the deep end, ride down a slippery slide, or lay leisurely by the water, we look forward to bringing a custom swimming pool to you right in the comfort of your backyard. It’ll never feel more rewarding beating the San Jose and Bay Area heat while more importantly, having fun too!

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Custom Pool Construction FAQs

Adding a custom pool to your home is a great way to attract a certain group of prospective buyers. Building a luxury custom pool can add up to 7 percent extra value to your home.

Building a luxury custom pool on your property can take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete depending on how accessible your yard is, the time of year you’re trying to build the pool and how big the pool is.

The most expensive part of digging a pool is the excavation and pouring of concrete for the foundation and walls. Depending on the size of the pool, the total cost of building a pool can be anywhere from $28,000 to $80,000 and beyond.