Full Home Renovation

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Professional Home Renovation in San Jose

Whether it is cozy or classy, functional or fashionable, cutting edge or rustic, every home renovation project needs a reliable renovation contractor. Top Home Builders Inc. is a company that strives to live up to the name and offer the most reliable and professional service in the industry. With a promise to offer high-quality craftsmanship, high-grade products and impeccable customer service, our team works towards not only building beautiful homes but also building strong customer relationships. We offer the best renovation services for your complete home.

Why Choose Our Home Renovation Service?

We proudly serve across California with in-depth consultation, proper communication and on-time services. We value our relationship with our customers. Here are some more reasons why you should choose us:

  • We offer the right kind of home renovation for your property
    If you have just bought or inherited a property and want to turn it into a ravishing new place, we are the right home renovation contractors for the job. We have worked on a variety of properties, both new and old and, big and small.
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  • We offer full renovation services
    Our specialists have years of experience in giving homes a complete makeover. From kitchen remodeling to home additions, we can build you a place that truly brings your visions to life. At Top Home Builders Inc., we offer the best-in-class dining room, bedroom, living room, basement, kitchen, and bathroom as well as bar renovation.
  • You can also trust us for customized home renovations
    We take the time to understand your ideas and aspirations, offer suggestions, and work tirelessly to ensure that every corner of your house stands true to your sense of style. Whether it is a walk-in basement or a jacuzzi bath, we can turn every area of your house into an admirable work of art.
  • We are the right contractors for home extensions
    We also offer other home renovation services like home additions, extensions, and custom home remodeling. While doing so, we ensure that we thoroughly align with your own unique style of living and the structure of your property.
  • We are a responsible home renovation company
    As a trusted home renovation company, Top Home Builders Inc. is up to date with the construction codes sanctioned by the Building Standards Commissions. We comply with all the codes and offer consultation to help our customers acquire clearance.
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Home Renovation FAQs

Why should I invest in home renovation?

With the right home renovation, you can not only upgrade to a better lifestyle but can also increase the real estate value of your property. Renovating your home also allows you to fix the structural framework and keep up with the changing lifestyle of your family.

How long do home renovations take?

Depending on the job, the completion time of home renovations can range from 10 days to 8 months.

How much do home renovations cost?

The home renovation cost depends on the per square foot area that you want to renovate. In California, the per square foot cost can range from anywhere between $100 to $400.

At Top Home Builders, we take pride in being home renovation experts that San Jose residents can rely on. For more consultation and a quote, call Top Home Builders Inc. today!