Top Home Builders’ hardscaping services offered in San Jose include patios and walkways, retaining walls, water features, outdoor lighting, fire pits and kitchens, decks and fences, and interlocking. Hardscaping is beloved by homeowners across the West Coast because it delivers a host of benefits for their outdoor spaces. It increases property value, expands living spaces, beautifies landscapes, creates shade and privacy, is more sustainable and water-efficient, and reduces maintenance.

When you choose Top Home Builders for your hardscaping solutions in San Jose, you’ll receive a 5-star result no matter what type of project. Our professionally trained contractors are well-versed in the landscaping industry and have experience working with varying weather conditions, different kinds of soils, and eclectic outdoor spaces. Our organized workflows and dedicated project management team demonstrate just how 100% committed we are to you. We use high-quality materials to ensure all hardscaping projects are resilient and long-lasting. With fair prices and accurate quotes, Top Home Builders is the team to contact if you’re looking to update, upgrade, renovate, or revamp your outdoor space through hardscaping services.

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We design and install patios and walkways made of concrete, brick, or stone surfaces. Our qualified team in San Jose works closely with each homeowner to get a sense of what you intend to get out of your project. With your best interest in mind, we can customize a unique design to fit your individual tastes and preferences.

Top Home Builders’ use of high-quality materials means the surface is sturdy and resilient to stay intact against cracking, harsh weather conditions, and wear and tear, while also presenting a neat, classic, natural look. It is also durable, good against traction, and easy to maintain.

The main purpose of a walkway is to provide an even and safer path to walk on outside. A walkway also makes your outdoor space look clearer and more organized. Moreover, a patio is a welcome addition to your backyard. It extends your living area outdoors where you can add a grill station or a table and chairs for entertaining friends and family.

In both cases, patios and walkways are beautiful and functional addition that adds serious curb appeal to your home.

Part of our lawn and landscaping services includes complete solutions for retaining walls. Our use of durable and attractive materials helps us transform your landscape into a functional and striking masterpiece. One effective landscaping technique to help keep soil in place is installing retaining walls.

Especially if your landscape features small hills, it acts as a necessary barrier to prevent soil from sliding forward in a landslide.

This necessary safety support structure prevents soil erosion, reduces the gradient through terracing, and provides flood control by reducing surface runoff. When Top Home Builders’ team skillfully installs this type of hardscaping, you’ll benefit from adding more functional space to your San Jose yard which can be used for planting, or as an attractive façade used to showcase different features such as gardens or patios.

Retaining walls are also proven to be bold and attractive structures. The stone and concrete composition is a pleasant visual contrast to your existing landscape, flowing naturally making for a beautiful end result.

Top Home Builders’ design and installation of water features include the likes of fountains, waterfalls, and ponds in San Jose.

We can customize water walls, pot fountains, water weirs, and other self-contained water features to fit your exclusive preferences.

In addition to being an excellent inclusion to improve your backyard space, water features provide calming sights and sounds, reduce stress, and set a relaxing scene.

When we professionally install water features using high-quality materials, homeowners are left assured that this form of hardscaping is a low-maintenance and cost-effective investment, ultimately increasing the value of their homes.

There are plentiful options for outdoor lighting that Top Home Builders can install to fit and complement the design of your outdoor space in San Jose. These include spotlights, flood lights, up and down lights, step lights, garden lights, bollard lights, and string lights. Once the sun sets, you should still be able to sit back and enjoy looking at your beautifully landscaped yard. By adding outdoor lights, you can extend your living space by making your front or backyard usable long after dark. Lighting can create the ambience you want whether you are aiming for a lively or serene atmosphere.

There is a wide selection of lighting options with different colors and shades to choose from in hopes of accurately capturing the mood you’re going for. Our lighting fixtures are energy-efficient and durable to withstand any weather conditions that would likely cause damage. Outdoor lighting is also a great way to illuminate and showcase special features in your yard such as fountains, pergolas, ponds, statues, patios, trees, and flower gardens.

The lighting we offer is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to aesthetically enhance your outdoor space as well. Our professionally installed lighting offers enhanced curb appeal by highlighting the exterior beauty of your home in San Jose. Easy to maintain, landscape lighting is a valuable selling point because it really can draw attention to your exterior’s best attributes, adding space, dimension, and dynamic form in an area that Is otherwise cast as dark and unpresentable.

An outdoor kitchen isn’t just for cooking! It’s another means to expand your living space and entertain and enjoy company outdoors. It’s a nice change of scenery rather than always cooking in the kitchen.

By cooking outside on a hot day, you can also save on your energy bill. What’s more, is that a fire pit as well creates that warm and inviting communal atmosphere in addition to helping you stay warm on a cooler night.

A fire pit provides year-round enjoyment and the surrounding San Jose, making it the perfect feature for your outdoor lounge area. You can also cook over a firepit, further adding to its versatility.

Similar to other Top Home Builders’ available hardscaping features, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens increase the resale value of your home and improve upon your outdoor space.

A hardscaping feature common in houses today is the inclusion of decks and fences. When Top Home Builders installs a deck for your backyard, we customize the design to fit your unique preferences. The size, complexity, and materials differ from house to house, but the benefits stay universal across all homes. Decks make for a fantastic gathering place. Items like garden structures and potted plants look beautiful on a deck. We use high-quality materials further enhancing the look of your home and the build process is quick and easy for our skilled contractors.

In the same vein, installing a new fence offers several advantages. It provides added home security with its layer of defense against intruders and unwanted animals. A new fence also keeps kids and pets safe. You should always feel comfortable and at ease when you’re at home in San Jose and a new fence is one of the most important features that ensures your privacy. A fence establishes boundary lines to clearly section off your property from the next.

Top Home Builders use first-grade materials and our efficient installation process will leave you with a securely fastened fence, built to last. It is proven that homes with proper fencing tend to sell for higher prices and overall, this hardscaping feature boosts home value and curb appeal.

Interlocking Services

Top Home Builders in San Jose & Bay Area offer interlocking pavers for driveways, walkways, patios, and other exterior areas. Interlocking is a popular choice in San Jose because of its many benefits. Interlocking is known to be installed quickly, making it ready to walk on or drive on almost instantly. Interlocking is durable, resilient, and requires low maintenance as the individual pavers don’t fade easily. Interlocking pavers is a unique style that allows homeowners to select customizable designs to fit their preferred style and tastes.

It is environmentally friendly and is a sustainable material because it automatically traps solid waste and reduces water runoffs. These pavers absorb nutrients and oils helping sustain the health of the ground and naturally infiltrate rainwater. Not to mention, interlocking is a safe material due to its non-slip and non-skid surface, regardless of the weather. Interlocking pavers makes for a suitable option in the driveway for the kids to play on, but also for the backyard or around the pool. The professional installation service employed by Top Home Builders, combined with our use of high-quality materials and techniques guarantees the best result for interlocking to improve your outdoor space and add the utmost value to the exterior of your home.


If you’re in the San Jose, and looking for hardscaping services, Top Home Builders is the renovation and remodeling company serving homeowners across San Jose. We offer the installation of patios and walkways, outdoor lighting, water features, interlocking, decks and fences, outdoor kitchens and firepits, and retaining walls. By choosing us for any of our proficient hardscaping solutions, you will benefit from a practical, aesthetically pleasing addition that enhances your outdoor living space and your home at large.

We stand by all our projects with quality assurance and excellent customer service. Contact Top Home Builders for a free consultation and schedule a hardscaping project by either messaging online, emailing at, calling 669-282-0906, or visiting us in person at 5450 Thornwood Dr. Suite E, San Jose, CA 95123.

Hardscaping and Landscape services FAQs

Hardscaping is any outdoor features of your property that don’t have to do with horticulture. That means fire pits, patios and retaining walls. Because of the wide scope of options in hardscaping, your project could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $50,000.

Low-maintenance landscaping features are always attractive for prospective buyers. Think rock gardens and succulents. Beautification and irrigation are also key, such as water features and automatic lawn sprinklers.

Hardscaping can add a lot of value to your home and boost enjoyment for all. Fire pits, decks and patios, as well as fences for privacy can all net you a high return on your investment.