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Top Home Builders are the top choice in professional home addition contractors in San Jose & Bay Area. Our team is experienced in all kinds of home addition projects, with a commitment to using only the finest materials with quality results. Your home will undergo a complete transformation once we complete a home addition.

From garages to kitchen add-ons, our San Jose team is here to help you improve the look and functionality of your home. Our custom home additions allow you to create the space you have always wanted while adding value to your home. We work with you through the entire planning and building process to ensure that your home addition meets your every need.

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Second Story Addition Contractors

Sometimes, a home can’t be expanded horizontally and the best option is to utilize a second-story addition. Like a traditional home addition, when you add a second story to a house, you are improving space usage and improving functionality throughout your home. Two-story additions not only allow you the opportunity to create more usable space for you and your family but also creates income opportunities, such as renting out your new space to help pay your mortgage in San Jose.

A Second story addition can be built about the existing home structure, seamlessly blending into the architecture and flow of the home. You can potentially double the size of your home without having to lose any landscaping, making it a preferred choice for homeowners in urban areas.

Type of Home Additions in San Jose


Spacious & Stylish: Kitchen Extensions

A kitchen extension allows you to have the chef-inspired space you have always dreamed of, with added cooking and entertaining space. A kitchen extension can be done through an existing wall, adding square footage and even additional architectural features like windows or doors. You can easily create a walk-out dining area from your new kitchen space thanks to a professionally designed and built kitchen extension in San Jose.


Multi-Generational Living: In-law Additions

In-law additions are not only practical but can help you generate income down the road. An in-law suite can give your loved one the opportunity to live independently, while still being close to you and your family. An in-law suite will generally have all the living space of a small home including a kitchen, bedroom, living area, and bathroom. Your design can be customized with our in-law contractors to fulfill your personal and mobility needs. Once they no longer require the suite, you can use it as your own personal living space or as a potential rental space.


Transform & Extend: Room additions 

Have you always wanted an office? Do you have a baby on the way and need a nursery? Room addition contractors offer hundreds of customized options to improve the use of space in your home. You can create a bedroom, office, media room, library, entertainment room and so much more with a uniquely designed room addition.

Benefits of San Jose Home & Room Additions

Home extensions offer countless benefits. Not only are you increasing the space in your home, but you are also adding value too. Potential home buyers will love all the added space you have created. 

You can also enjoy the additional income you can make with home extensions, as you use this added space to generate cash that you can use to help pay your mortgage or do the activities you love.

Build a Guest House in San Jose

If you’re a homeowner in San Jose looking to capitalize on this opportunity, building a guest house on your property can be a fantastic investment. Not only will it provide you with additional income, but it can also serve as a private retreat for friends, and family, or even serve as a rental property.

Moreover, a well-designed and thoughtfully constructed guest house can enhance the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

How Much Does a Home Addition Cost?

A home addition is an affordable way to add space to your home without having to move. You can expect to pay between $80 to $200 per square foot for a home renovation depending on several factors including: 

  • Size of space
  • Material costs
  • Labor

Your contractor will be able to give you a detailed cost breakdown, so you can feel confident you are getting the highest quality and luxury without exceeding your budget.

Why Choose Top Home Builders For Your House Extensions 

When you need the “best home addition contractor,” look no further than Top Home Builders in San Jose. We offer professional and knowledgeable home extension and 2nd story addition building services. Whether you are building an upstairs addition or want to add an extra room to your home, we have the expertise to help you bring your vision to life.

We fully stand behind our results and offer a full warranty on all our work. Customer service is our number one priority, and we promise to be there to answer all your questions and concerns.

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Home Additions FAQs

Home additions typically cost between $80 and $200 per square foot. Price is determined by how much square footage you’re adding and if this addition requires plumbing, many windows or in-floor heating, as just a few examples of features that could elevate the final cost of the project.

A second-storey home addition will add value to your property because you’re increasing the amount of livable space and most likely the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This makes your home more appealing to a wider group of prospective buyers.

Adding a second storey can take between 5 and 7 months to complete depending on the complexity and square footage of the addition.

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