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Renowned Home Expansions in San Jose

Having a small cozy home may have a charm of its own but sometimes, you need more space. Whether you want to add another level or space out your attic for a room, home expansion is sometimes the best way to make your home more valuable and comfortable. We at Top Home Builders Inc. offer the most professional and diversified services in this domain. Since this task requires major restructuring, we ensure that we keep our clients informed and offer the smoothest and the most trusted customer service.

What Are Home Expansions?

Generally, home expansions involve construction of a new or extended space in any part of your home. This may be for your attic, bathroom, main level upper level or on the overall structure of your house. Some of the examples of home expansion are above-the-garage rooms, pool rooms, expanded kitchen or even a walk-in closet. We are fully equipped with the tools and expertise to construct any new room you would like, be it a bathroom, above-garage bedroom, master suite, family or dining room, game room, pool house, an expanded kitchen, or a walk-in closet.

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We Offer Custom Home Expansions

With 12 years of experience in this domain, we offer the best solutions for your home. We have many successful custom home expansion projects to our credit and we take pride in our customer testimonials. Whether it’s a full-fledged nursery, a toy room, a basement theatre or an extended attic, we know how to give you new space in your home.

As a professional company, we assist you in the design phase and once the design is finalised, we solidify your vision with a professional 3D blueprint. No matter what new addition you want in your house, our team of professionals work tirelessly to achieve that for you.

Since adding a space or extending your space requires preliminary demolition, we ensure that the overall framework and surrounding areas are not damaged in this process. We also take care of the details like drywall installation, plumbing, wiring, venting and the installation of other important systems in the newly added space. Additional services like home remodeling can provide you with an even flow to your existing home and the home addition.

If the task allows, we ensure minimum disruption of your daily activities while the task is underway. Our experienced staff are capable of offering quick and efficient additions to our customers.

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WIth Top Home Builders Inc., your home is in the right hands. We are known for offering the most reliable customer service and strive to work towards our reputation everyday. For level or room addition or any other home extension, call us and we will offer you a free consultation. We are an A to Z home remodeling company offering a variety of services within one roof. So, no matter what your requirements are, call us and we will help.

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Why should I invest in home expansions?

Home addition is the most trusted way to add more real-estate value of your house. If you have a large family or are visited often, an additional room or storage space can go a long way in accommodating people comfortably.

How much does home expansion cost?

The cost consists of permits, labour and materials. On an average, the cost of home additions is between $80-$200 in San Jose.

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