Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to spruce up the look of your kitchen without undergoing any major renovations. This method of kitchen cabinet refinishing ensures that all your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced while veneering is applied to the exterior. Best of all, the overall kitchen layout remains untouched and the cabinets stay put – which translates to serious savings when compared to the price of a complete renovation. But there are costs involved with cabinet refacing. For projects that utilize new cabinet doors and boxes, updated materials and hinges, hardware, and labor, there is a minimum kitchen cabinet refacing cost of $5,000, with some larger jobs costing upwards of $10,000 in San Jose.

If you really want to make your kitchen pop, you should consider exploring customizable features such as crown molding, valances, glass doors, and other accessories to really make the cabinets your own. For more information on kitchen cabinet repainting and cabinet refacing, call the experts at Top Home Builders.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinet: San Jose

At Top Home Builders, our team of professionals is an expert in all aspects of kitchen cabinet resurfacing.

Whether it’s refacing, refinishing, restoration, or cabinet painting, our licensed and certified trades workers can do it all. Refinishing the kitchen cabinets in San Jose rather than replacing them is a far more cost-effective approach.

Our San Jose Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process

The team at Top Home Builders starts all potential projects with a free consultation. We are happy to meet with you at your home or in our showroom to discuss your needs and goals, along with the overall scope of the project.

When it comes to rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, this is what you can expect with our cabinet refacing process:

  • First up, we have to remove all the cabinet doors and properly label them. Next, we bring them to our shop where we treat the cabinets with a heavy-duty degreaser to thoroughly clean them and remove any dirt and grime
  • Next, we will use an orbital sander on both sides of the cabinet doors before treating them with primer to seal them
  • We will then sand the cabinets once again and prepare accordingly
  • Once the cabinets are ready to go, we will apply the first coat of premium paint. Once dried, we will apply the second coat.
  • While the doors are being refinished, the frames also get some much-needed attention. We will also decrease the frames, and sand, and prepare to paint. Instead of spraying the paint, we will actually hand-paint the two coats.
  • This brings us to our final step – return to your home and reassemble your beautiful new cabinetry.
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Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing refers to a process that refacing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, knobs, and hinges while a veneer is applied to all visible external portions of the cabinetry. Best of all, there are a number of benefits associated with cabinet refacing rather than replacing all of your cabinetry. 

Typically, cabinet refacing is more affordable and cost-effective. On average, the cost to reface your cabinets is roughly 50 percent lower than the cost of replacing them. Refacing your cabinets can help save you a lot of money to utilize in other areas of home renovation in San Jose. You can update old and outdated cabinets and enjoy a sleek and modern look. It’s a great option if you’re simply looking to inject some fresh decor into a space without making any significant changes to the layout of a room.

These are some of the benefits of cabinet refacing:

Straightforward process – replacing your cabinets is a big job that will likely take many days to complete and can be a major inconvenience to your daily life. Refacing cabinets, however, is a project that can likely wrap up in one or two days. 

Prevents waste – there is no sense in replacing your kitchen cabinetry if the existing structure is in good shape. Simply utilize the existing cabinetry and spruce it up with something that is more appealing to you. 

Plenty of options to choose from – there are a number of different design options you can explore when it comes to cabinet refacing. Some refacing experts can apply the new veneer and attach new knobs without even having to remove any doors or door fronts. Best of all, there is a large selection of colors and veneering options to decide between. There are even real wood veneers such as maple, birch, and hickory. Don’t forget to add crown molding and trim to really put the finishing touches on the design. 

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Environmentally friendly – most cabinets in our homes are made using formaldehyde. This is a toxic substance and should not end up in landfills. So, when you opt for cabinet refinishing rather than replacing your cabinets, these materials won’t be ending up in these landfills.

Fresh look and appearance – the best thing about cabinet restoration is that you can enjoy a brand new look to your cabinets in a far more cost-effective and simple manner.

Why Choose Top Home Builders 

There’s a reason why homeowners in San Jose & Bay Area turn to Top Home Builders for all of their kitchen cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing needs. Let our team of kitchen cabinet makers and professional kitchen cabinet contractors give your kitchen cabinetry the modern design and expert craftsmanship it deserves. We source high-quality materials and stand behind our work so when you call Top Home Builders for your cabinetry and cabinet refacing needs, you can rest assured that you will be getting results you’ll be happy with for years. If you’re still on the lookout for superior cabinet refacing, choose our team at Top Home Builders.

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