Planning a kitchen remodel? It’s a big financial commitment for many homeowners, but it’s also an investment. A kitchen remodeling is virtually guaranteed to increase the value of your home.

A kitchen remodel should always begin with serious consideration of your family’s needs. Ask yourself these questions: How much time will I spend in the kitchen? How often do I cook? What do I like to cook? What do I consider to be essential storage? After you’ve done some thinking and consulting with the members of your home, it’s time to start your kitchen remodel. You can minimize the stress of a kitchen remodeling cost if you take a few moments to read about these mistakes to avoid:

kitchen reno mistakes
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Forgetting Workflow

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It’s essential to consider something that kitchen designers call “the work triangle”. The fridge, the stove, and the sink all represent a kitchen’s most-used areas. You need to make sure in your planning that these three items are placed in a manner that lets you cook and prep food efficiently without any awkwardness.

Not Planning For Storage

In today’s world of kitchen remodeling, there are hundreds of options when it comes to storage with open storage, shelves, and cabinets making up the primary options. Think about what you need to store, how much you need to store, and how easily you want to be able to access particular items. Also, consider the final desired look for your kitchen. Do you want a more contemporary look with glass cabinets? You’ll need to avoid clutter and overstuffing your storage areas.

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Choosing Kitchen Appliances Last

kitchen appliances

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but it’s important to pick your appliances before your cabinetry. Selecting your dishwasher, fridge and other appliances first will make it easier to choose countertops and cabinets that complement your entire kitchen’s aesthetic. It will also make it easier to accommodate appliances, as many of them have specific dimensions that your kitchen manufacturers will need to know about ahead of time to ensure they all fit properly. Believe us when we say 1/2 an inch makes a huge difference when it comes to how your new built-in appliances will fit.

Forgetting Your Budget

Make a budget and stick to it! Think carefully about which kitchen features are the most important to you and your family. This is where you want to frontload your spending. Bonus tip: Expect to spend approximately 30% of your budget on cabinetry and leave a little extra money for cost overruns (it happens, so be prepared).

Forgetting The Entire House Design

Individual elements of a kitchen remodeling will consume most of your attention, but don’t forget to consider the entire home design and how everything will tie together. Think about how the colours of the walls, cabinets, and hardware will all look next to each other.

entire home design

Final Tips

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Don’t make any rash decisions! Take some time to think about every choice. Bring some tile and cabinet samples home. Look at them in natural light at different times of day and under the lighting that you plan to use in your kitchen.

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