Hardscaping refers to the man made components of a landscaped yard and has skyrocketed in popularity amongst homeowners. Low maintenance hardscape ideas are an especially growing trend thanks to the minimal upkeep required, meaning less time maintaining it. Along with the overall long-term cost-effectiveness. Gazebos, pergolas, decks, patios, artificial grass, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, stone pathways, and driveways are also examples of hardscaping. Once installed, they require minimal maintenance and complement the softscape like plants, trees and shrubs to create exquisitely landscaped properties.


Low-maintenance hardscape landscaping offers numerous benefits to the homeowner, which is a big reason why it’s become increasingly popular. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the convenience it provides.

Implementing low-maintenance hardscape design into your space means you can spend less time worrying about mowing the lawn and weeding the garden, and more time relaxing and enjoying your outdoor environment.

Some benefits of low maintenance hardscape design include:

Conserve water – By opting for hardscaping instead of living vegetation like natural grass, you’ll actually cut back on water usage each month maintaining it.

Guides traffic – features like driveways and pathways designate vehicle and foot traffic to specific areas.

Expands living space functionality – implementing outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces creates additional options to utilize while enjoying your home.

Adds privacy – specific hardscapes like walls, fences, and privacy screens are great options when looking for a little more solitude.

Increase property value – adding the right landscape and hardscape design, you can actually boost the curb appeal of your home, along with the overall property value.

Reduce erosion – installing retaining walls, paving stones, gravel, or artificial grass are just a few ways to cut down on land erosion.


Concrete or natural stone pavers, or even loose gravel, are great options when looking to create low maintenance driveways and pathways. These materials are durable and long lasting, relatively cost-effective, and most importantly, easy to clean and maintain.

Concrete, flagstone, and brick are the more popular materials homeowners opt for. A permanent border will need to be constructed to prevent shifting, and are typically laid over sand or pea gravel – but laying it directly on dirt or grass works just fine too.


Backyard hardscape ideas like borders and retaining walls should not be overlooked when seeking low maintenance design ideas. A retaining, or sitting wall, made of river rock, concrete blocks, or even stone veneer need very little maintenance when it comes to the overall upkeep.

This is a great tool to utilize if you’re looking to define the border of a specific area; prevent erosion, or simply create additional seating options. Both functional and practical hardscape designs like these are great low maintenance choices.


Pergolas, gazebos, patios and decks are all great features of outdoor living spaces. These low maintenance amenities can really prove beneficial if made from long lasting and durable materials like natural stone or concrete, or composite wood.

Best of all, these materials are quite easy to keep clean. Pergolas and gazebos are great options if you’re looking to create some shade in your yard. Some homeowners utilize gazebos as an additional outdoor room, which can function as a dining or living area, a space to do yoga or meditate, or simply hang out with your favorite book and relax.

Decks and patios are great options when it comes to low-maintenance hardscapes. It is exceedingly important to consider drainage when creating your design.

It will also cut down the time spent weeding and watering as the stone patio or wood deck would take the place of the natural environment. Outfitting the space with the right furniture and proper accents can really help make the space enjoyable.


Water features and fire pits that require little maintenance are certainly hardscape options to consider. Gas fire pits or fire tables, or pre-made fire pit kits are easy to utilize and require minimal upkeep.

When it comes to water features, options like a self-contained fountain or pondless waterfalls are great ways to inject serenity without spending all your time maintaining it.


Solar lighting or LED lamps are great low maintenance ideas to add some light to an area. The solar would charge throughout the day, and automatically turn on upon detection of darkness, you don’t even need to flip a switch.

Should you opt for the more dependable LED option, the long lasting bulbs means you very seldom have to switch out the bulbs. Some homeowners will even utilize light to highlight specific features like decorative rock displays or artificial turf. These hardscape ideas require next to no upkeep and are great options to consider when looking to replace natural vegetation.


Sustainable hardscape designs made from recycled materials has become an increasingly popular trend in the hardscape sphere. Gazebos or pergolas made from recycled materials rather than natural wood is a great option for the eco-friendly homeowner.

When it comes to landscape sustainability, using permeable stone can really help reduce water runoff and help cut back or even prevent erosion.


Topping up gravel pathways and mulch beds are easy and cost effective ways to stretch your hardscape costs and really maximize your investment. When it comes to stone hardscapes, simply replacing the stone is a quick and economic way to repair blemishes that can occur over time.

Artificial turf and stone pavers are great hardscape options to help control weed growth and can be easily kept clean with a broom or a pressure washer. However, the most effective way to keep your hardscape maintenance costs down is by periodic inspections to catch minor nicks and cracks before they turn into something worse.


Replacing some natural vegetation with hardscaping ideas and features that require minimal maintenance is the key to creating a relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy. The amount of time you’ll save maintaining and upkeeping is worth it alone! For more outdoor hardscape ideas, call the experts at Top Home Builders Inc.