Are you ready to create a spa experience in your bathroom? This luxurious experience can be yours with the addition of a curbless shower. You can remodel your bathroom from cramped and dull to elegant and spacious with a sleek and beautiful curbless shower. Unlike traditional walk-in showers, which can be a tripping hazard, a curbless shower allows you to easily enter and exit your shower. It also helps to reduce water deposits on the floor due to its unique sloping design. 

Curbless showers are a great option for main or guest bathrooms because they offer a multi-generational solution to bathing. Not only are you creating a space that is luxurious and enhances the value of your home, you are also improving the level of accessibility too. A curbless shower creates a barrier-free entry to your shower so anyone young or old can enter without risking their safety. The seamless design creates improved flow and movement around your bathroom, enhancing safety and resale value all in one. 

Potential buyers will love the option of having a bathroom that is more accessible, particularly in multi-generational homes, as this will avoid the need for complex renovations in the future. 

Let’s review some of the tips and benefits of installing a curbless shower in your bathroom.

What is a Curbless Shower?

A curbless shower creates an unobstructed flow between spaces in your bathroom. There are no thresholds or other borders around the shower that create a barrier to entry. Instead, users simply walk right in to enjoy a hot and relaxing shower. 

Curbless showers are crafted to concentrate the flow of water in a particular direction. The floor is sloped so that water flows towards the center and away from the shower edges. This prevents leaking or pooling around the shower. The added safety measure means you can move in and out of the shower without having to worry about slipping or falling. Curbless showers are also easy to retrofit into your existing shower design, so installation is quick and easy.

Pros of a Curbless Shower

Aside from creating a luxurious new look for your bathroom, there are a lot of benefits to installing a curbless shower.

Improved Accessibility

Unlike traditional bathtubs and showers, a curbless shower is designed for easy entry. Those using a wheelchair or walker can enter a curbless shower without having to worry about being hindered.

The curbless walk-in shower is a great idea for homes where there are people with limited mobility or seniors since it provides a barrier-free and safe way to bathe.

Easy to Clean

The design of the no-curb shower doesn’t just prevent water from getting all over your bathroom, it also helps keep it clean. Water buildup on traditional bathtubs and showers can lead to scum and mold build-up. This is not only unsightly but dangerous to breathe in too.

A modern curbless shower prevents the buildup of residue because there is nowhere for the water to pool or get caught. Water flows away from the edges and down the drain. This means you simply have to wipe the floors and glass occasionally with a light cleaner and then enjoy your hassle-free bathing experience.

Visually Appealing

Give your bathroom the feeling of openness and light with a curbless shower door. The glass surrounding the shower allows light to easily flow around your bathroom, making it safer and more visually appealing.

It also makes your bathroom look bigger and more spacious. A curbless shower system is one of the most effective ways to increase space in your bathroom since there are no obstructions or customization options.

Cons of Curbless Shower

Though a curbless shower offers many great benefits to increase the look of your shower and make it more visually appealing, it is important to consider whether it is the right choice for your lifestyle.

Not as Much Privacy

A curbless shower has a glass door and walls, making it a great choice for people who want to create a spa-like oasis in their bathroom. However, this doesn’t help with privacy if you have a family or guests using the same space.

A good alternative would be using frosted rather than clear glass or the addition of curtains, however, you will lose the sense of openness.

Cold Showers

An open shower means there is more opportunity for heat to escape the enclosure. We recommend considering the option of a heated floor with your contractor. This will help to ensure that you have a warm and comfortable experience no matter what the temperature is outside.

We also recommend discussing other great enhancements for your bathroom such as a towel warmer which can add to your comfort when you step out of the bath. 

Floors May Get Wet

A curbless shower is designed to reduce water on your floors, however, because there is no edge, some water still may escape. We recommend a non-slip surface on your floor to help lower the risk of slips or falls.

We also suggest adding grip handles and other accessibility aids if your shower will be used by anyone with mobility issues.

shower head set after bathroom remodeling

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