Pros and Cons of One Story vs Two Story Homes

Whether you are considering designing a new house, one of the most important factors to remember is the advantages and disadvantages of a one-story vs. a two-story home. Each configuration has advantages and drawbacks, much like any other house choice, and you’ll need to consider them in order to determine what is the best layout for your family.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to deciding between a single story and a two-story house. Consider the specific requirements needed in your home as we go through the questions you need to address below before moving forward:

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  • How many people will be living in the household, and what is their average age?
  • How long do you want to live in the home?
  • What is the size of your land and how does it look from the exterior.
  • What are your surroundings?
  • What is your budget?

Cost Comparison of a One-Story vs Two Story Home

Cost per square foot is the most important factor to think about when trying to decide between a one-story house or a two-story house and it is one of the main aspects to ponder on.

Surprisingly, a two-story house is a more affordable alternative. Two-story houses have a more reduced footprint than a single-story home, which ensures there is less framework needed for the residence and less roof support on top. Since the rooms in a two-story home are stacked on top of one another rather than scattered over a large landscape, there is less need for plumbing and wiring to run across the house. Altogether, two-story homes save money on the overall construction.

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When it comes to finances, one-story houses have their benefits as well. In terms of the building, single-story residences typically require one HVAC unit, while two-story homes typically require two. This not only saves money upfront, but it also saves money over time because single-story homes are cooler and their flexible floor plans allow for air to easily circulate.


Although it’s appealing to imagine a house that takes care of itself, the reality is that maintenance must be completed at numerous stages of a home. On the whole, a one-story home is much simpler to maintain and it is within easy reach. Trying to clean the gutters and getting to the roof, as well as some of the exterior walls if you choose to do some maintenance on the building, is a lot better on a one-story home.

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When it comes to deciding between a single story and a two-story house, there is no correct or wrong answer; it’s simply a matter of making a list of the amenities that your family desires and weighing them against the pros and cons of each choice. Whatever your thoughts are, we are here to help you make this crucial decision and choose from a range of plans that we offer and provide.

Whatever choice you choose, Top Home Builders Inc and our experienced New Home Specialists can ensure that you end up in the dream home with your desired finishes. Call us today!