No matter what size of bathroom you have, there are so many great ways to maximize space. With a few simple tricks and design improvements, you can transform your bathroom from small to spectacular. Check out these small bathroom remodel ideas to help you improve the functionality of your bathroom.

Add wall sconces to the mirror

When looking for small bathroom vanity ideas, start with lighting. A dark bathroom can make your space feel small. Adding wall sconces to the mirror can improve lighting and help create a space that looks more open and bright. It will also make it easier to get ready in the morning.

Shades of White

Very small bathroom ideas start with creating solutions that will help make your space feel larger. Shades of white are the perfect way to achieve this. These colors help to brighten and lighten your space, in turn making your bathroom feel bigger.

Use Furniture As Extra Counter Space

Functionality is key in creating a bathroom that feels and looks bigger. This means dual-purpose usage for furniture. Use an over-the-toilet rack to help maximize space while increasing storage. A small side table between the toilet and tub can be used to store toiletries or other bathroom items.

Choose translucent shades

Solid spaces block light. This is why translucent shades are always the best choice for bathrooms. Translucent windows can give you the privacy you want while still allowing light in. Additionally, translucent shower doors can create a comfortable and bright space to get ready in the morning while encouraging light to cascade into your space.

Floating sinks to save space

A vanity can be useful in your bathroom, but it can also take up a lot of space. A floating sink will create more openness and make your bathroom feel bigger and more spacious.

Workaround rooflines

Use your rooflines as an architectural feature. Slopped ceilings don’t have to prevent you from having a full-sized tub or vanity in your bathroom. Incorporate them into your overall design and let them become a part of your overall scheme.

Skipping window treatment

Keeping windows simple is another way to ensure your bathroom space remains bright and open. Instead, opt for a window that is translucent or tinted for privacy. There are lots of easy-to-stick-on window covering options that will elevate the look of your space, giving the illusion of expensive glass finishes.

Opting for minimal millwork

Incorporating just the right amount of cabinet space means utilizing millwork that is minimal, but still offers the storage solutions you need. Work with your contractor to clearly define how you want to store your toiletries and towels and customize them to suit.

Replace swinging doors

Swinging doors can take up significant space in a small bathroom. Opt for sliding doors or curtains in order to keep walking spaces open and easy to maneuver.

Use the same materials

Create uniformity by using the same materials. For example, this can mean using marble on your floors, vanity, and walls to create a luxurious finish that is both spacious and elegant.

Add a skylight

A skylight can help encourage light to flow into your space. It also draws the eye upward, giving the illusion of more space.

Add a mirror gallery

Mirrors help reflect light. Adding a mirror gallery can help make your bathroom space look double the size. A wall of mirrors will not only make getting ready in the morning easier but provide ample light reflection.

Opt for smaller tubs

You probably don’t need a full-sized tub to relax at the end of the day. There are lots of beautiful and modern compact versions that will give you lots of space to lay back and chill while keeping your bathroom space open and easy to maneuver.

Stick to the same color theme

We mentioned that light colors can help make a space feel bigger. This is true with keeping within a color theme. Blending bold dark colors with light ones can reduce the size of your space. Instead, choose a mix of light, refreshing colors that create areas of definition without minimizing your space.

Mixing materials

Small powder room ideas often incorporate a variety of materials. Blending materials can help create distinct spaces in your small bathroom, making it seem larger.

Only keep the necessities

It’s time to declutter. Get rid of old toiletries, clunky furniture, and unnecessary decor to give your bathroom a more open feel.

Add artwork

Small pieces of artwork can give your space a grander, museum-like feel. A gallery wall of small artwork will give the illusion of space and looks great too.

Build cabinets into the wall

Building into the wall rather than out will help maximize floor space and improve mobility.

Customize a shower bench

A shower bench allows you to get ready in comfort while adding extra storage space for shampoos and conditioners.

Keeping it monochrome

Monochrome fixtures will help reflect light, creating a brighter and more pleasurable space to get ready in the morning.

Use a big mirror

Big mirrors also reflect light and are one of the most popular small bathroom remodeling features.

Don’t skimp out on lighting

Add additional lighting or pot lights to help keep your space well-lit.

Use the window ledge

A window ledge is a great way to store bottles, soaps, and other bathroom decor.

Choose a bright color for a simple design

If white isn’t to your taste, there are lots of other bright colors to choose from to make your space feel bigger, like pastels.

Install floating shelves

Your bathroom probably doesn’t have room for large shelving. That’s what makes installing floating shelves a popular small bathroom design idea. You keep your wall space while adding a place to store your toiletries and decor items.

Use dark colors to make it feel bigger

Dark colors can make your space feel bigger by creating a feeling of luxurious grandeur. Try adding a dark color on one wall to create a feature space for your mirrors, artwork, or floating shelves.

Extend counter space

A larger counter space can make your bathroom seem longer. It also adds storage space and a place to add accent pieces for an elegant finish.

Glass shower doors

Let the light flow in your bathroom with glass shower doors. Light will be able to move freely through your space and prevent dark corners or areas in your bathroom.

Use light colors

We mentioned the importance of bright colors. This goes for light colors too. Choose whites, soft greys, pastels, and even monochrome colors to help lighten and brighten your space.

Build shower niches

Add to your storage space shower niches. This will let you keep all your toiletries neatly stored and ready for use.

Ready for your small bathroom remodel?

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