Remodeling your home is an exciting time. Out with the old and in with the new – who wouldn’t want to transform an outdated space into a more pleasurable and practical living situation? Whether you’re interested in modern home remodeling ideas or small home remodeling – deciding on the best path for you can be difficult. The first step in renovation is to come up with the important factors you need for your remodeling design. Whether you prefer a modern and elegant look or a cozy and rustic feel, there are plenty of design ideas for you to explore. From kitchens and bathrooms to floors and roofs, we’ve got you covered in this blog.

Trending Finishes to Consider

Light Tone Wood Flooring

Incorporating light wood flooring into your home can brighten up the entire space. A growing number of Californians are favouring light wood tones because they add a natural warmth to their homes. French Oak, Balsa, and White Oak woods are just a few of the many light toned woods you might consider for your home renovation ideas.

Whether you prefer a smooth matte finish, a glossy sheen, or distressed wood, there’s a light wood flooring option to suit your style. Light wood flooring can be complemented with intricate herringbone patterns or wide planks, whichever suits your style.

Design Tip: Use light wood accents to break up large sections of painted cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms.

 Brushed Gold Fixtures

Gold is an elegant colour that enhances the ambiance of any room it’s used in, including dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. You can’t go wrong with brushed gold tones for plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, or cabinet hardware.

It’s important to keep in mind that choosing gold finish fixtures may increase the overall cost, so make sure to consider this when planning your budget.

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Design Tip: For a more balanced remodeling design, it’s best to steer clear of blending varying tones of gold within a single room.

Elevated Powder Rooms

Remodeling your powder room is an easy and budget-friendly home renovation project. One popular DIY home remodeling idea is wallpapering for a pop of colour and visual interest.

You can choose to wallpaper the entire space or create a statement by focusing on the wall behind the vanity. Another option for achieving a similar design is to use tiles instead of wallpaper.

Design Tip: Choose a subtle wallpaper or tile design that incorporates small hints of your personality instead of overwhelming the space with numerous patterns.

Statement Kitchen Wall Backsplash

California kitchens typically have open-concept layouts and plenty of natural lighting. When you’re thinking of remodeling designs, you may consider blending current design trends with your personal style to create unique spaces.

One of the most prominent design features you can customize in your kitchen is the backsplash. Porcelain and quartz are becoming increasingly popular choices for backsplashes because of their striking resemblance to natural stone. For a sleek backsplash without grout lines, use large slabs and big format tiles.

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Design Tip: Reduce the appearance of water spots, fingerprints, and smudges on your backsplash with matte finishes instead of shiny finishes.

Primary Ensuite Spa

The key to upgrading your ensuite is to blend comfort and luxury seamlessly. Imagine converting your ensuite into a personal spa, a tranquil haven accessible from your own bedroom. For a visually striking effect, incorporate freestanding tubs into your design scheme. Freestanding tubs can be made of stone, porcelain, quartz, or resin.

Another element you can incorporate into your remodeling design is a curb-less shower, complete with luxurious features like multiple showerheads, steam nozzles, or a ceiling-mounted rain-head. To complete the look, think about adding linear drains to your shower as they blend in with the floor.

Design Tip: For an ultimate spa-like ambiance, think about including radiant heated floors and indulging in the luxury of heated towel racks.

Large Floor and Wall Tiles

Oversized tiles are currently one of the most popular ideas for home remodeling in California. Large tiles come in various colours, styles, patterns, and shapes. You can place them in bathrooms, kitchens, or entrance ways. Flooring is one area where oversized tiles are making a big impact.

Whether your home has an open concept or a more compartmentalized layout, large floor tiles can completely revamp any space. Oversized wall tiles make a great accent wall for living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Use a combination of large wall and floor tiles in grand spaces like foyers to unify the area and create a flowing design.


Design Tip: Large wall tiles and floor tiles should complement each other in size. Having wall tiles that are bigger than the floor tiles can disrupt the overall balance and proportional aesthetic of the room.

Mixing Metals

Mixing different metals adds visual interest and depth to a room. You can experiment with different metal finishes on hardware, furniture, and lighting.

Warm metals like brass, nickel, and copper pair well with warm hues, like whites, beiges, and browns. The cooler metals like chrome and silver complement cool hues such as blues, greens, and grays. In addition to lighting fixtures, you can mix metals with decorative mirrors and side tables.

Design Tip: Avoid adding an overwhelming number of design elements by mixing a maximum of 2-3 metals in each space.

Bold Dark Statement Colours

Bold dark statement colours are emerging as popular home renovation ideas. These colours, such as deep blues, rich greens, and dramatic blacks, add depth and sophistication to any space.

They create a dramatic and moody atmosphere, perfect for creating a statement or focal point in a room. Whether used on walls, furniture, or accents, these bold colours bring a sense of drama and luxury into your rooms.


Design Tip: For a chic and contrasting appearance, combine your dark colours with brushed gold hardware, lighting fixtures, and furniture.

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Additional Storage with Added Character

When planning your home remodel, it’s a good idea to physically walk through each room visualize where and how you can utilize storage, and take notes of items that may be lying about that could benefit from additional storage.

For instance, do you have shoes piling up at the front door? A shoe rack or even a closet would be a good way to tidy up.

Maybe you have books piled up, taking up space on the floor. Installing shelving or a bookshelf is a great way to utilize wall space. Do you have space in the bathroom to expand your vanity?

A his-and-hers sink with storage underneath is always a popular way to make use of large bathroom spaces.

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Clutter-Free Space

Over time, basements can become filled with clutter. An area used for everything from storage and laundry to entertaining and even living. Decluttering this area and maximizing the space in our basements can really transform a home.

Do you have young children or older parents that might benefit from a playroom or kitchenette? Perhaps you want to use this space to entertain – a basement bar is an excellent clutter-free option.

Highlight Design Elements in the Bathroom

If you have a favorite piece of art or another design element that you’re truly in love with – you can make this the focal point of the bathroom remodel.

Select materials and patterns that compliment this beloved piece of art, antique heirloom, or design element.

Colors, patterns, and textures are just a few different things to consider when best determining how to accentuate a specific element.

You can even plan a remodel around a specific feature – for instance, if you are working with limited space, and are more inclined to shower than take baths, think about removing the tub completely to open up the room and expand shower space.

Open Concept Kitchen

Perhaps you purchased a home with a kitchen that is closed-in, and you’ve always longed for an open concept. There’s no better time to make that happen than during a home remodel. In order to achieve this, you should consider lining the perimeter with cabinetry – this is a great first step in opening up a room.

A kitchen island makes a great focal point in the center of the room, and it makes it easier to set up your appliances around it.

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Whole House Transformation

A whole house transformation is a dramatic shift to the layout of the home. Walls can be removed to expand certain rooms.

Perhaps you want to bring light to a traditionally low-lit area of the home – a skylight is a great way to accomplish this.

Unique Window Design

Consider unique window designs while planning your remodeling. Maybe you’ve always wanted a glass pop-out window with a nook for seating. Or you’ve always dreamed of big bay windows in place of your traditional sliding picture window.

It’s important to keep in mind where the sun will hit and how a room can heat up should you opt for any major window changes.

Basement Turned Home Theatre

With home streaming platforms growing in popularity, why not indulge a little by building a home theatre in the basement? This will transform family movie night, make holidays and parties a blast, and change the way you consume entertainment.

You can get creative with the theater seating set-up and add numerous chairs for you and all your friends! You’ll want to make sure that your projector, video screen, and audio setup are thoroughly planned ahead of the remodel. 

Inspiration for Renovation Success

Now that you’ve taken inspiration from home renovation ideas, it’s time to take that creative energy and pour into your own home remodeling project. Whether you’re inspired by the light tones that infuse warmth into spaces or the bold, dark colours making a splash in modern design.

Remodeling your home isn’t just about following trends – it’s about creating a space that brings you comfort, joy, and inspiration. Remember, storage spaces are key, open concept rooms are growing increasingly popular, and do what makes you happy! So, embrace change, be bold, and start remodeling! For more old house remodel ideas, or to begin your home reno, call the experts at Top Home Builders Inc.